Behavioral Interviewing Skills & Techniques Workshop

Make the right hiring decisions with confidence using the latest techniques in competency-based behavioral interviewing.

This is a dynamic, interactive training course that gives you the skills to make the best hiring decisions – and avoid costly blunders. You will learn competency-based behavioral interviewing; using the accepted opinion that past and present behavior is the best forecaster of future performance. Whether you’ve performed 100 interviews or you are new to the interviewing world, the Behavioral Interviewing training course will give you knowledge and tools to use immediately in your next interview. The outcome? You’ll have better interviewing skills which lead to better hires and a competitive edge for your organization.

This course is for experienced or novice interviewers, who would like to benefit from competency-based behavioral interviewing techniques.

After this Successful Hiring training, the participants will be :

  • Greater appreciation of recruitment processess and capabilities.
  • Increased engagement amongst recruiters and applicants.
  •  Improved capability with Behavioral Event Interview.