Employment Act 1955 & Employment Law

The Employment Act 1955 forms the primary legislation (Statute) on employment in Malaysia, providing guidelines on minimum employment rules, within which to operate Businesses. Adherence to these minimum rules in various areas of benefits and code of legal conformance provided under this Act ensures good relationship development between employer and its employees; besides nurturing growth, progress and industrial harmony for the Organization.

Our objectives are to provide invaluable guide for both employers and employees leading to good industrial harmony. To enable operation managers, executives, supervisors as well as HR personnel to be well versed with the relevant sections of the Act, to address or overcome daily situational issues in the most productive way directed towards the common interest of both parties. To achieve outstanding governance, which in turn will steer the organization into leadership for employment within the industry they compete.

The training takes two days to cover 8 modules. Among the modules involved are Contract of Service & Contract for service, Termination of Contract of Service, Maternity Leave and allowance etc.

At this program’s conclusion, participants should be able to gain a clear understanding of the aims and objectives of this training program. Understand the legal meaning of all the important terms used in these Acts. Clearly distinguish the difference between a Contract of Service and Contract for Service.